As hemp growers and suppliers, we’ve successfully decreased environmental impacts at every stage. Our manufacturing process relies on cutting edge methods and technology to optimize efficiency, reduce our footprint, and yield products of game-changing quality.

To extend the shelf-life while preserving beneficial compounds, raw, whole seeds are processed using a gentle water steam treatment to reduce the presence of microorganisms and halt the germination process.

We test all hemp seeds before harvest and cleaning for various attributes: microbiological quality, physical purity, sensory and chemical composition, including THC levels. All seeds are treated to a rigorous cleaning process that is designed to remove contaminants and prolong the shelf-life, while preserving beneficial compounds.

For the kill step, we use an organically certified water-steam process called Log5, which is significant to maintaining food quality and safety. This thermal treatment is effective against a variety of microorganisms, particularly pathogenic organisms (germs).

At no point does product temperature exceed 75 °C. Hemp seeds are then stabilized through a quick cooling process that introduces filtered air in a vibrating fluidized bed.

Hemp seeds are kept at an ambient temperature of 10 °C before being shipped or produced as hemp food products.